Our Story 
with Pauline 



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Fashion Museum Bath

Fashion Museum Bath

Fashion Museum Bath

Dir. Rosemary Harden & Alberto

This Story doesn’t begin here, in Bath, U.K., in 2017 but in distant Times.
The following Photos are a Recognition to PAULINE BAYNES and to OUR STORY related to her from THE FASHION MUSEUM  - BATH.
The Management of the Museum, starting from the Inclusion of one young PAULINE’s Jumper, has meant to deal with the Question not only artistically but contemplating our mutual Vicissitudes too.


“My Priscilla Rose”, that you can see here ist a Proof of very special events that
have been interlaced during the Years.
Its “Origin Card” points out perfectly its features and brings us again into this beautiful
long life Story that we let you know in different Times and Ways.

Fai click con il tasto destro e "riproduci"
Fai click con il tasto destro e "riproduci"